CRUIS Crèche comprising 10 let us santons out of paste board, Sainte-Famille being, it, out of wax. All these let us santons are classified M.H. their state of conservation is perfect and did not undergo any transformation since XIXéme century.

 LARDIERS contemporary Crib carried out in 1996 by the inhabitants of the village. Let us santons are natural size, equipped with painted terra cotta head, they are vêtus provenceaux traditional costumes.












VACHERES private, visible Crib all the year, carried out by Roger Roume. This contemporary crib is characterized by the settings in scene and animations of the characters, some being very old.

 LURS Visible in the oldest church of the country of Forcalquier, this crib is made up of 17 santons classified M.H. since 1986. They were acquired between 1855 and 1895 by the Millou priest.













MANE Crib gone back to 1837 being characterized by the greatest number (25) old characters (classified M.H.) The latter are datable by their getup the notable ones and other costumes of time of the monarchy of July, the whole on a background carried out by Maurice Magnan.

FORCALQUIER One will notice, in the foreground on the right photograph, the corn of holy Barbe, symbol of the harvests to come.















REILLANNE Undoubtedly vastest and most populated, this contemporary crib was carried out by Jean Jacques and François Le decoration carried out with natural elements is renewed every year. He puts in scene more than 90 characters at the stories and trades of most varied.

 DAUPHIN oldest of the country of Forcalquier, this crib comprise more than 20 characters, dressed with the manner of the villagers of the end of XVIIIéme, the parochial registers attest purchase of the first santons in 1748 (classified M.H.).