Markets of High-Provencemarche

Our cities and villages are brightened by the tempting ones and chatoyants small markets where, with the wire of the stalls, one will discover in addition to gathered very fresh fruit and vegetables - the florets of the local production: honey of lavender, virgin olive oil, nougat, goat's milk cheeses... Of cheeses of all kinds, the culinary specialities, feet and packages of Sisteron, fougasses with anchovies or sugar, of the pork-butchery of the Country of Thoard, the fruits, mushrooms, game, garlics, the stew of Provence, the tapenades; the pallet of products which offers to you our country is very rich.


distilleriethe aperitifs with the aromatic plants the gathering of simple in the Mountain of Lure being a thousand-year-old tradition, the manufacture of aperitifs more than one local evolution is a single know-how: Aprés the carlton, the pastis Bardouin, the Gentian of Lure, Farigoule, the rinquinquin are some examplesaperitif













banonBanon : Banon is a cheese with the goat's milk or cows or of both, having grazed in our hills of high-Provence, packed in sheets of chestnuts. With stripping, Banon reveals its true made nature of cream and powerful and rich savours. The banon is a cheese of character which was reconnait with its label in stringcourse under a strand of raffia.bano










huileOlive oil of Lurs : True produced artisanal manufacture of the olive groves of the slopes of Lurs, the olive oil is very fruity and of an exceptional quality. It is possible to attend in winter the pressure of the olives (the aglandau) in the scourtins.










truffles : the black diamond of Forcalquierchercheur-truffe















coingConfectioneries : calissons, almond pastes, fruit pastes, chocolates, nougats.

The honey of Provence : of lavender or all flowers the local producers are legions

Black nougat : speciality forcalquérenne containing honey and of almonds of the country of Forcalquier

Quince paste

Candied fruits: Apt (35 km) capital world of the candied fruits








In the plain of Manosque, one finds an intensive agriculture, centered on the truck farming and the fruits. Upstream, under the plate of Valensole where flowers in abundance the lavender, the plain of Speech until Mées is planted many olive groves. Sisteron, carries from the Alps, marks the septentrional border of the olive-tree. The olives, gathered in January, give a delicious oil to it, among the best of the area. But one also uses them in the tapenade, to taste on toasts grillés.Un little beyond Oraison extends the Average the Durance whose plain is coloured sharp spring of the pink of the flowers to fish.


Apple, pear, fishing, products of quality, which they partly owe with the alluvia of the Durance. The apples, whose maturity spreads out over three seasons, offer the advantage of being preserved better than much other fruits. Celebrates apple and fruit with Peyruis last Sunday of September.

Feet and packages

Preparation of quasi legendary meat of sheep, locked up hermetically a ground pot, cooked with patience in a corner of the hearth during seven or eight hours. Richaud and Badet Place Borough Reynaud 04200 Sisteron (0)4