A) HISTORY :Less 10 approximately 000 years, at the end of the glaciation of WURM, the man already homo-sapiens seeks his food in continual displacement. It is the time of the dwellings light, traced in extreme cases of surface necessary to its activities and consisted of a thin and light but essential wall to protect itself from the bad weather, (because it lost its fur while being protected from skin garments during terrible the the 600 000 last years glaciations). No concept of straight line or angle governs the layout of its shelter. All is curved around him: self-centredness reinforced by the instinct of self-preservation of the survival of the Dés species at the time poses the problem of the report/ratio of the man to his dwelling Depuis, it will not cease improving the techniques of its habitat by taking account of the parameters of its existential reality. It will be initially the sedentarisation requiring the storage of the food products and the tools, then the urban centre (stage " tortoise ") accumulating of richnesses coveted by the wandering hunters reducing to poverty itself by the food scarcity. Finally the fortifications which will be the container of an urban growth being compressed more and more by creating the " Carréisme " after having passed by the " mosaic " stage

After the unification of the large countries, the obsolete fortifications do not confine any more the city, and appears a new financial organization capitalizing and developing industry. Already started by the demographic growth, the rural migration will develop and continue human compression, by centripetic aspiration. It is the time of the land higher bid developing the conquest heights where flower the buildings and the turns. There, rejected with the periphery, the populations pullulate in stacking where régne the " Carréisme " more organized and most constraining of all times.

Then appear contradictions, source of already known social distortions of old. Psychological faintness, cancellation of the concept of wall and especially of territory, social stress developing the anguish, narcotic self-destruction, delinquency and by-products: racism and violence. It is the effect " Bronx " where whole districts are devastated, plundered and reduced to the state of ruins by collective aggressiveness. Here the phenomenon of compression reaches almost its paroxysm while starts the favoured urban exodus by pollution, and the financial conditions of subsistence (squaterisation).






Characteristics :Elimination of discontinuity enters the wall and the roof cancelling the concept of wind-bracing.

Advantages:a) Techniques :Diminution of the quantity of materials implemented (very significant)

the compressive processes suite précédenteInconvénients - unusual Forms in rupture with the cultural diagrams - Volumes in opposition with urban vertical stacking - difficult Marketing due to the lack of information near the public - Septicisme of the craftsmen and building contractors in front of the effort of reconversion of their technology - Mistrust of the investors in front of a dubious market - Wheel of inertia in the public services. In conclusion, curved dimensioning seems a logical continuation in the evolution of the space organization of the dwellings contemporary and future by a judicious association between the original habitat and the technology of modern times Fait with Montélimar on October 9, 1984 Rene LIGABUE Etabli at the request of Mr Paul QUILES. Minister for town planning, housing and transport, September 28, 1984. Rapporteur, Mr Guy PREVEL general manager groups G.B.A. _