volavoile2center gliding of Saint-Auban benefitting from conditions privileged for meteorology is one of the most famous aerodromes for the gliding (first European center). With the AVECASA, flights all the WE according to weather and in week on RV Center high level: Championships of the world in 1997, Préchampionnat in 1996. C.F.H.N.

Aerodrome of Sisteron-vaumeilh, open all the year, makes it possible to discover the flight in mountain and to make circuits on the solid masses of the Alps.


Improvement or introductory courses, the hiring of hardware, baptisms in sailplane on go proposed.

Club of New gliding of Batie in Mound-of-Cairo . 92.68.3 5.11 First vélisurface created in France in 1987 reserved for the sailplanes launched to the winch, thanks to an exceptional aerological environment (training courses, baptisms, hiring).

Air Union The Sisteron-Durance Aero club High-Provence St-Auban. Alti-surface of the 3 Clamensane fountains.